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Specially crafted for an organic farmer’s market in Hong Kong Central, the new visual identity communicates the warmth, sincerity and candour of these group of farmers.

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The vegetable tags we designed contain information about the costs of sustaining an organic farm. Customers will know where the farmer’s profits are spent—for example, natural fertilisers that do not contain chemical additives. They differentiate the organic produce from that of commercial markets, with a sincere tone and with the option to include a handwritten note on the flip side of the tag (for the quick documentation of notes on recipes, which the farmers often share with their regular customers). The bonds between farmers and their regulars can be strengthened, while new customers would be attracted by the warmth of the market.

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We also illustrated a children’s storybook that explains introduces the concept of organic farming and the related benefits. After conceptualising the main character, we storyboarded the narrative and illustrated it with vibrant colours.

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