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The Critical Climactic Worry Kit is a toolkit for those seeking to experience or resolve their Climate Anxiety. It is recommended to undertake this journey with a partner. Through a step-by-step process, the worriers zoom out from the human perspective to adopt a randomly assigned non-human perspective for the rest of the duration. The worriers discuss how the climate crisis is experienced by this non-human and consider possible outcomes. The journey ends with the worriers taking an action pledge as humans. 
Instruction Manual
1. Emergency Meditation
     The Emergency Meditation Text can also be used       as a splint or a bandage
2. Shared Bubble of CO2Misery
     The Shared Bubble can also be used as a float in         case of floods or sea level rise
3. Dice of Unequal Futures
     The Dice of Unequal Futures can also be used as         material for firewood
4. Disaster Letter
     The Disaster Letter can be used as a         distant SOS call
5. Moment of Silence
     Observe a moment of silence from an        
     endangered organism's perspective
6. Action Pledge
     The Action Pledge is what you leave behind       in case something happens to you
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