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In this series of talks we would like to discuss a very essential part of life as a designer. How can designers engage themselves with meaningful projects in a sustainable way? Money in the design industry is very present but very seldom discussed. We want these dialogues to be informative sessions where designers can discuss opinions and share advice. We welcome anyone who wants to gain a fuller understanding of the design world and how to find a cosy spot in it! On the 1st of May we invite you to join us to talk about how social designers can establish a practice in the Netherlands. How can entrepreneurship and social design come together? Bring your questions and doubts about this topic and let’s have a conversation about it! Guest speakers include Minsung Wang and Biyi Zhu. Moderated by Billy Ernst.


In the second session of our Design & Money series, we will explore different professions related to design. We invite several experts working directly with designers to share their perspectives on Building a Network. Come join us for three short lectures and learn more on May 22nd!

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